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Guild Wars 2 Sky Pirates of Tyria next Tuesday

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ArenaNet today announced the latest Guild Wars 2 update content, Sky Pirates of Tyria, which entered into force on 25 The update should be coming in June offers players a solid upgrade to the World Series of modern life, to explore a new dungeon, new events, rewards and functions, not to mention the announcement Arenas Custom mode leave beta viewer.

In relation to the content of his story, Lowenstein is. In chaos after a murder in the Dragon Festival Inspector Ellen keel is at the forefront of research and brings teams of agents to capture the author. The players need to upgrade your weapons and skills to the slippery culprit for the crime. Players can participate in several events and leading through exciting content and results in the context of this update.

Details of the update are as follows:

New History Dungeon: Aetherblade Retreat - Find the secret entrance to Aetherblade base and take the fight to the pirates. It takes skill, courage and a high degree of flexibility to struggle through officer Aetherblade captain and first.
Sea of ​​Sorrows Scavenger Hunt - In this new permanent content seeking players for clues to the location of 12 plates, created to tell the story of the city and its founder were to honor clean in the Sea of ​​Sorrows our novel Soesbee, narrative designer, ArenaNet, Amazon hit stores Tuesday, 25 June
New Rewards - A variety of new rewards available, including caches Aetherblade, a partner company miniature Horrik First, an elegant monocles and more.
Dexterity and balance Trait day - better balance increasingly patch containing introduce generation possible in this combination, the significant changes in the characteristics and skills necessary to more diversity. Each line item is under occupation. Updates have been made for some less popular skills to increase their effectiveness.
Individual Arenas Spectator Mode Beta - Custom PvP arenas, players can private parties, and adjust the settings for your card. This function is exited beta, which means that individual Arena Starter Kits will be available to buy for anyone in the store of Gem. Spectator mode is also officially out of beta. Together, these features allow the practice, games and tournaments competitive.
Mr. Mortier joined the growing list of World vs. World Skills - Players can increase their effectiveness training Mortar Mortar champion. The improvement in this line include increasing mortar blast radius, increasing damage, reduce recharge skills and also adding a new skill, barrage of mortar.

And if not, who recently interviewed the Guild Wars 2 Game Director Colin Johanson:


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